Basic Castle Story Tutorial – Stock Piles

The next set of directions you need to understand to play Castle Story is how to make Stock Piles. Stock Piles are where you keep all of your supplies, whether they are wood or stone. Below we explain how to create stock piles and we also give you some helpful tips.

To begin you need to open the radical menu once you are in the building group. This menu is unique to the building group so you can only open it there. You can use the radical menu to quickly select the type of brick you want to use; standard brick, 1/2 brick, stairs, planks, columns etc. You can also click the back button to get rid of your stock pile selection.

If you want to get rid of an entire stock pile you select it with the stock pile tool. This will turn it yellow and when you click on the stockpile ghost it will be removed.

The next step in using your stock piles is to assign workers to it. You need to go back to your Bricktons and click on the ones you want. Then you right click on the build tab and they will head over to your stock pile to begin filling it. At this point you can let them fill it with both wood and stone, or you can choose to specify that a stock pile will only allow one or the other by clicking either “Stop Accepting Stone” or “Stop Accepting Wood”. Remember to keep your stock piles at least two spaces apart or your Bricktons could get stuck and you will have to delete the entire stock pile to unstick him.

You can use these stock piles to gather your goods before building. It’s a good idea to make more than one stock pile, and then separating wood and stone from each other. Numerous stock piles means you can have more materials on hand and will save you time later on when you’re in the middle of a fun project.

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