Building a Basic Structure In Castle Story

Now that you know how to build a mine and tunnel and you have a few stock piles of materials waiting you can start to build actual structures! Building a basic structure is very similar to building a stock pile in that you use the same basic controls and place it down the same way. These are just the basic instructions on how to build a simple wall only one level tall. Once you have mastered the basics you will be able to move on to more intricate structures such as houses, and even castles! We get get into those types of buildings in later tutorials.

To begin you need to select the building tab and choose your workers, just like you did with the stock pile, mine and tunnel. Then you need to select your building materials, which mean choosing whether you are building a stone structure or a wooden one. After that you click on the terrain and you will see a ghost brick. If you want to rotate your brick you can tap right click to get it into position.

Once you have the ghost brick into the right spot you only need to click once more to place it. When you do this your assigned Bricktons will immediately begin construction by picking up the correct bricks and walking them over. When your planned structure is finished they will stop. Note that sometimes a Brickton will be in mid pickup when the structure is finished and he will still be holding an extra brick. To get him to drop it you need to go back to the stock pile, right click and have him bring it back.

If you need to delete as portion of your structure you can do it the same way you deleted things in the stock pile and tunnel tutorials.

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