Castle Story Game

So you have heard about the Castle Story Game and you are probably here because you want to know what all the buzz is about. Well lets start off with a little history.

The Castle Story game was developed by Sauropod Studio which was created by a two man team. The first video was released on December 24th and Indie gamers went nuts over it on YouTube. Castle Story quickly became a highly anticipated game.

castle story game

Castle Story has been compared to Minecraft and it combines building blocks in the form of bricks. It will be a strategy game with real time gameplay. Players will be able to obtain Bricktrons which are little characters. These Bricktron characters manipulate the dynamic world and can be instructed to build castles, fight the bad guys and gather resources. The world in Castle story are floating islands that sit above an ocean that never ends. The game also has changing days and nights.

The first video demo gave a peek of the basic engine behind the game. In the video you will see yellow “Bricktrons” mining and building a castle. The video showed a blowing up of a castle using the unity physics engine.

Initial Castle Story Game video