Castle Story Tutorial – Mines and Tunnels

The next things you want to focus on when learning Castle Story are how to create mines and tunnels. Mining mines and tunnels are how you will gather the stone bricks you will use to build structures in the game. Below we will discuss how to create a mine and a tunnel and give you some handy tips and tricks as well.


To begin making a mine you start in the mine group and select mine from the side menu which you can see in the image above. You then need to left click on the terrain and drag your cursor until the mine is the length you desire. Once you let go of your mouse the altitude shirt, or what you determine the depth with, will pop up automatically. You can determine the depth of your mine by scrolling and then clicking anywhere outside it when you are done.

If you make a mistake and you need to delete your mine you can delete the entire mining group and start over, or you can simply click “Clear Mine” and it will erase the mine but not the group.


Making a tunnel is basically creating a mine in a mountain side. To begin you left click on the tunnel tool and then click on the mountainside. We suggest that you click as low as you can on the mountain. If it’s too low you can start over much faster than if you start too high.

You then need to click on the sword tab and a number of options will come up including Edit Mode, Add Blocks and Remove Blocks. You want to use Add Blocks to build your mine inside the mountain. Once you have an entry way you need to click on it (it will turn green) and slowly move your cursor outward to give it length. Once you’ve done this you can create width by selecting other sections of the tunnel and pushing outwards as far as you want to go.

If your tunnel is too large you can easily remedy this by switching to Remove Blocks and taking some blocks away. You should also note that if you accidentally deselect your mine you can click on the mine tab and it will reappear.

Your final step is to assign Bricktons to your mine. You do this the same way you did for the Stock Piles, and they will automatically begin mining for bricks.

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