Castle Story Downloads

This page will list links to where you can download the Castle Story game. If you were one of the first backers from Kickstarter you should already have your hands on the Castle Story Prototype.

Castle Story Early Access Download

Pre-orders are no longer being accepted for Castle Story. The prototype version has been provided to early backers.
You can now purchase and download an early access version from steam here

Keep in mind that this is an early access download so it does have bugs. Following is a statement from the developers.

“Do you want to be involved into the evolution of our project? Are you the type of gamers that don’t mind having to deal with a broken version of a game? Then Castle Story’s early access is for you! Join us today and start sending us your bugs report and feedbacks.”

Castle Story is a voxel-based creative strategy game about building castles brick by brick and defending them against enemies.

For those of you who do not yet have access to a Castle Story Download, we suggest keeping up to the game play from our how to section.